Slide About OpenBit We believe the only limit is your imagination.

We are a technology company that promotes financial inclusion by means of the tokenization of real assets, thus providing a simple, quick and reliable service, which operates through a digital platform.

We have digitalized productive assets so you can take part in real economy businesses. We offer a financial alternative that allows you to be a part of a big business with a small contribution and to monitor your investment from home with our digital platform.

In contrast to cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin or Ethereum), which operates in a complex and highly volatile market, our products are aimed at those who want to protect their savings in a safe and efficient way.

Many businesses deter investors due to the existence of barriers they have created, such as the need for capital, information or previous knowledge on the subject. Our mission is to democratize the access to those businesses.

We aim to bring down those obstacles

BitCow is the first product that operates on the OpenBit platform, connecting the countryside to the city

Our first asset token backed by a real active asset: an in-calf cow. It is holding in digital format which allows you access to profits from the livestock business and get out whenever you choose.

For every BitCow, there is an in-calf cow. It is that simple. It’s OpenBit.

We are currently operating in Argentina, and we have set in motion a regionalization plan to operate in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and the rest of the world.

We are constantly developing new investment alternatives so you can have access to more businesses through our platform.

We believe in financial inclusion. We believe in a prompt and reliable service.

We have created OpenBit.

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